Jason Imms

Jason Imms

Games and Tech Journalist

Australian correspondent to Kill Screen | Word Mercenary at Giant Bomb, GameSpot, IGN, HYPER, PC PowerPlay | Founder: Tasmanian Game Development Society | HYPER columnist: Playing the Indie Game.

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Train article

Kill Screen - Hacking Game Boys and Sharing Whiskey on the Game Jam Journey Across America

Originally published on Kill Screen, salvaged and published on my blog.

A long-form feature on Train Jam, the travelling game jam.

3168872 majornelson press article

Major Nelson Hints at Xbox’s Vision for a Digital-Only Future

Is Xbox Play Anywhere a gentle attempt to change consumers' minds about digital-only and DRM?

2841390 adriel wallick   observation car article

Giant Bomb - Guest Column: Constraint Breeds Creativity

Does making games on a speeding train with little to no internet access hamper or encourage creativity?

Paladins article

Paladins Devs Open Up About Overwatch Comparison Controversy

Hi-Rez Studios has stayed fairly quiet about claims that its hero shooter Paladins is a little too close to Overwatch, until now.

56 23505 fix headphones teaser article

Tested.com - How To Repair a Headphone Cable and Replace a Jack Plug

Why you'd want to repair a cable instead of replacing it....

0 480 640 0 70  features phil spencer color headshot june 2016 article
PC Authority

Interview: Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

Phil Spencer talks indie game developers, the next Xbox hardware, and the Microsoft business model while visiting Australia.

3197812 ludlam article

Australian Government Stays Silent On Support For Game Development

"It just falls into this pit of darkness because the government’s priorities are elsewhere." -- Senator Scott Ludlam.

Iem header article

Why Running an Esports Event in South Korea isn't an Automatic Success

Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi struggled to even quarter-fill its stadium in South Korea, the home of esports. But why?

0004 power inlet article

GameSpot - Duskers Review

Give us drones or give us death.

Push me pull in en 1160x653 article

The physical intimacy of Push Me Pull You's design - Kill Screen

Push Me Pull You and the art of bringing people together.

Adriel cnet article

CNET - Welcome to Train Jam: The ultimate game developer road trip

Welcome to Train Jam: The ultimate game developer r...

Pollen article

GameSpot - P.O.L.L.E.N Review

P.O.L.L.E.N Review - GameSpot

Headshot 1400x1400 article

Jason Imms' Top 10 Games of 2016 - Giant Bomb

Here’s a list of games that were best at helping guest contributor Jason Imms forget it was 2016, even if only for a moment.

040 jasonimms article

Episode 40 – Jason Imms (Freelance Journalist) | GameHugs

Jason Imms is a Freelance Journalist, founder of the Tas Game Development Society, and is currently the Community Manager for Tasmania’s Enterprize Hubs.